Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend in Review

(Warning!  This post is light on content and long on pictures.  You know - a Grandparent's Dream!)

So, how did we fare this birthday weekend?

First, there was Amy's party. . . . . with the requested meerkat cake. . . . .

and a Puppy Party with her little friend, Art.

Next was the Sibling Showdown - we were thrilled that the previously recalcitrant Amy did finally admit that yes, it was Hannah's birthday too.
(for those new to my blog - yes, we somehow managed to have two children born four years apart on the same day.  Go figure!)

Moving on to Saturday.  Hannah's party, complete with a production of The Enchanted Garden, a play/ballet written especially for her by Kathryn.

(sorry, no pix of the play itself.  The dvd is available, however!)

Onward and upward to a surprisingly quiet Sunday.  Hannah & I were home from church - Hannah popped a sore throat this morning - and then our evening Choir commitment was cancelled.

Kathryn and Nathaniel celebrated by being insanely creative.

Below is Amy wearing the CUTE hooded sweater Kat crocheted for her.  Sheesh.  The girl's amazing.

(oh, and Linda you would have loved it!  Kathryn gave the unfinished sweater to Amy in a box, with a note saying she would finish it soon.  Sound familiar!?)

Nathaniel for some odd reason has decided to construct scenes from the movie National Treasure.

Entirely out of Legos.

I'm not kidding.

This is a shot of the heroes putting lemon juice on the Declaration of Independence. 
See that guy over on the left?  That's the "father" watching tv.

Quite a hobby.  You should see the model of the Charlotte!

Yurii and I spent time doing the following:

Yup.  On our laptops.

We ended the weekend with Game Night. 

Anybody recognize that?  It's Family Fun, or as we called it several times tonight,
Family Not-So-Fun.

That's me, vainly trying to flip the little green frogs through Emily's playdough loop.

What twisted mind thinks this stuff up?

At any rate, we made so much noise we woke up . . . .  . .

Who took a FIVE HOUR nap after romping in the yard with us this afternoon.  It was her first day out and being frisky after her spay surgery.  Sure wore her out!

In the picture, Amy is hugging Faith and saying, "Aw, Faith. . . you can be on MY team!"

So - there you have it.  It was one of the most fun, relaxing, refreshing weekends we've had in a long time.

Signing off, and going to bed with a happy heart.


Jen in Al said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Hannah and Amy! they are all getting too big! so thrilled you had a wonderful weekend! see you soon...

Kim said...

I would like to request a copy of the DVD! :) What a have some amazing kiddos. Love them!