Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Hair-Raising Experience

We've been promising it for days.

A hair cut.

Now, please understand that Amy's hair was more than halfway down her back. . . . due in part to the following: a Mommy who just can't seem to fit in a trip to the shop, a child who really HATES going to get a haircut, and a budget that needs stretching.

Kathryn has expressed an interest in cutting hair - mainly for the fun of it, but also with an eye to saving some money. So with a new pair of good cutting shears. . . . . she got the honors! She had quite the audience - Emily & Hannah were in on the act with advice and distraction and encouragement for Amy.

If you really want to know how long it's been, you can just look at the pile of hair.

And Amy's reaction?

(said upon looking in the mirror)

"I look different!" (big pause, quizzical look on face) "Less hair."

1 comment:

Athena said...

Sarah just got a haircut too!!! She walked into school the next morning and her friends exclaimed, "Sarah! You brushed your hair!" Hmmm....I think that was the best medicine. LOL