Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fonics is Phun!

Ah, the joys of teaching a 5-year old to read:

Me:  "Amy, it's time for a bath!  Can you spell bath?"

Amy:  "B.b.b..... B!"

Me:  "That's right!  How about this sound. . . . /a/?"

Amy:  "A. . .a. . . .A! Oh, I know!!  F!!!  B-A-F!  Bath!"

I guess you have to hear it with a five-year old lisp.  She was so excited. . . . .

Monday, May 17, 2010

Technical Difficulties

OK, so I've spent a large part of my day vainly searching for the answer to this question:

"What happens when one of your children 'forgets' their email password, and is trying to set up email on a new computer."

and the next question:

"Then what happens if, in an effort to be helpful, the mother unit tries to locate said password, and in the process, deletes it off the memory of your main computer, and now said daughter can't read ANY of her email."

At. All.

The answer?

You will spend approximately two frustrating hours searching all over your provider's website for someone - anyone - to help you.

And then you'll be late to pick up a kid at an activity.

Anyone have great password-remembering tips?  I'd love some right about now. . . . .

Saturday, May 15, 2010

How I Will Spend My Summer Vacation

It's done!

I've finally gotten a website created for our family venture, "Spring Garden Arts and Learning".

We're looking forward to seeing what the Lord is going to do this summer. . . .and beyond!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Ballet Ain't Over. . . . .

'til your husband plays God!

Only kidding.  Kind of.  Here's a great shot of my sweet, wonderful family dressed in their costumes from Lucinda's Heart, this spring's allegory ballet:

I think it should have been illegal, I was so proud.

Hannah danced as a "Redbird" - her very first year in the story ballet.  Emily danced her first year in the pre-professional division, with two roles and an (itty bitty) acting role to boot!

Yurii was cast as the Heartmaker (the God character), and the jokes were flying fast and furious all weekend.  ("So, what's it like to have breakfast with God. . . . ?")  I also think he will be a very distinguished gray-headed man ;)

Kathryn danced in her 4th ballet with Briarwood Ballet - and this year, she had a solo role as the "Cake Mistress."   She also was part of the unbelievably amazing "Shadows" dance - I'll try to get a picture of that up later.  Think Lion King meets The Island of Perpetual Tickling Man meets Grim Reaper.  With glowing eyes.  Awesome.

Really, though, I was most proud of the Bible studies Kathryn wrote to go along with the ballet.  This was her second year to do this . . . . she took the ballet story and turned it into a Bible study and coloring book, explaining spiritual truths and giving the audience the chance to look into the story in a deeper way.   I watched her pray, and serve, and write, and give, and love. . . . and dance.  It was a joy.

My brain and heart are full of so many things; not the least of which is exhaustion!  I've been pondering the nature of the arts, how to use them for the glory of God, the impermanence of it all, the portrayal of evil vs. goodness, the toll the schedule takes on our family, the joy of seeing children using their gifts. . . . . . . . . . . I think there are about five blog posts buried somewhere in there, and they may or may not ever be written.

We're moving onward and upward to the next few months, to finishing school, planning camps and vacations, and watching our lives unfold under the kind direction of our great God.

But one thing's for sure - I have watched my children (and husband!) dance for the glory of God.

They will never be the same.

And, I pray - neither will anyone else who was there.

Monday, May 3, 2010

I TOLD you I can't make this stuff up. . . . . .

Really.  I can't.

And in case you didn't believe my last post . . . . .

The kids have become recently re-enamored with the game of Life.  Remember that one?  You choose a career, move around the board in a little station wagon, pass paydays, get married, have kids, retire. . . .

Well, apparently there have been a few - shall we say - adaptations made to our board.  Turns out, the kids decided there just weren't enough spaces for adding kids to your family in this game. . . . so Emily covered over some spaces with white-out, and wrote on them "It's a Boy!" or "It's a Girl!" and even on one - GASP! -


I think they solved their problem rather creatively.

I also think that we need to start saving money now to fund Christmas with the grandkids.

Looks like there might be a lot of them.

I Can't Make This Stuff Up. . . . .

I swear, I just can't make things up that are this funny.

Riding home from church yesterday, Nathaniel chimes in with this beauty:

"You know, I'm thinking I need a list of holidays written down where I'll be expected to get my wife presents."

Me:  "Really?  What's on your list?"

N:  "Well, let's see.  There's her birthday, our anniversary, Valentine's Day. . . ."

Yurii, highly amused, gets in on the act:
"You'd better NOT forget Valentine's day, buddy!"

N:  "Easter. . . . "

Me:  "No, you're good on Easter.  No presents there."

N:   "Oh, that's good.  Then there's Mother's Day, and Christmas. . . . "

Me:  "Don't forget the 'Just Because' days.  And the 'I'm sorry you've had a bad week' days. . . "

Y:  "I have clearly failed to make a list."

N:  "This is getting complicated!"

Y:  "Tell me about it, son."

The conversation went on and on - but you get the picture.