Monday, May 17, 2010

Technical Difficulties

OK, so I've spent a large part of my day vainly searching for the answer to this question:

"What happens when one of your children 'forgets' their email password, and is trying to set up email on a new computer."

and the next question:

"Then what happens if, in an effort to be helpful, the mother unit tries to locate said password, and in the process, deletes it off the memory of your main computer, and now said daughter can't read ANY of her email."

At. All.

The answer?

You will spend approximately two frustrating hours searching all over your provider's website for someone - anyone - to help you.

And then you'll be late to pick up a kid at an activity.

Anyone have great password-remembering tips?  I'd love some right about now. . . . .

1 comment:

Melissa Sue said...

My mom keeps a little notebook next to the computer with accounts and passwords listed. Daniel keeps a word document with his on his desktop. :)