Saturday, August 27, 2011

In Which I Find Out if My Mother Reads My Blog

"Many are the plans in the mind of a man,
but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand."
Proverbs 19:21

Yeah, it was a good night.

I was really humming along, the quilt was getting So. Close. to done. Girls happy, pancakes cooking for dinner, a night of quilting, full of promise, stretching gloriously before me.

And then.

A glass.  A sink.

A cut pinky finger.

I'm ok, really.  Just sitting here, all taped together, hunting & pecking on my laptop.  Watching "Tangled" with the girlie girls.  Looks like the Lord has an interesting way of getting my attention and forcing a little rest this weekend.  And you know something else?  Just for the record, I always cry at the end of Tangled.  The longing of Rapunzel for her parents, the hope, the reunion. . . . . it just gets me.  There's a spiritual lesson in there, but my hand hurts too much to think deep spiritual thoughts right now. 

At least I don't have any gigs scheduled!  Maybe tomorrow I'll feel like quilting again. . . .

Lord willing.  

And, Mom- if you're reading this, I'm really fine :)  Do. Not. Panic.  That part about my hand hurting was poetic license to make a point.  Really.

Friday, August 26, 2011

The Last Deep Breath Before the Plunge

Sorry - my blog's been a little, well, quiet.

As a matter of fact, I can't believe it's almost September!  How did that happen????

But I'm sitting here tonight and thought I'd throw a little something up for my loyal readers (all 2 of you!)

(ok, ok - I SHOULD be quilting, but I'm just too mentally frazzled and will probably make a mistake like I did last night - you know, the one where I forgot to put down the walking foot, and stitched about a mile of invisible thread into loops on the back of the quilt???  Yeah, that mistake.  Not so interested in repeating that one.)

This weekend, it all begins in earnest.

Kathryn is in her "Connections" weekend at Samford.  Lots of chances to meet new friends, new classes - even attend a 90s party.  (A 90s party???  What does THAT involve?  I was too busy being pregnant in the 90s to remember much . . . . . . . . except Barney.  And Magic School Bus.  And diapers.)  It's thrilling - and humbling and a smidge scary - to sit back and coach from the sidelines as she enters this new phase of life.

Today's quote, College Student Version:

Me:  "Kathryn, I'm just not so sure I'm good at this being the mother of a college student thing.  I don't know when to offer advice, and when to stay out of it and let you handle it on your own.:
Kathryn:  "Don't worry, Mom.  I'm used to being the guinea pig."

Next week is The Insanity.  I'm always fooled into this false lull in August - you know, the "Hey!  This isn't so bad!  Maybe our schedule will work after all. . . . . . ." false lull.  Anyone else have that???  But next week starts ballet, piano, and my own (itty-bitty) piano studio.

So between homeschooling the kiddos, teaching science at 2 co-ops, piano students, and general driving around, don't look for too much on the blog!  Although, you never know when the muse will hit me. . . . . .

Like this gem.

Today's quote, Six-Year-Old Version:

Amy:  :tears:
"Mom!  Hyenas are NOT in the dog family!  I can't put them in my Dog Times newsletter!"
:insert more tears, sad eyes, and general crushed state of despair:

Me:  "It's ok honey,"  (tries desperately NOT to look at the other children downstairs, who are all smirking and about to blow my cover), "We'll give the hyenas their very own newsletter soon."

I'm so glad I have them at each end of the spectrum, and everywhere in between.

Wishing you all great Joy in your Journey, especially for my fellow homeschooling moms who are starting their new years!

Eh, don't worry.  I'm not going anywhere.  Give me a few weeks to finish Kathryn's quilt, and I'll be back. . . . . . .