Saturday, September 19, 2009

Saturday's Surprise - Fried Okra!

Ingredients at the ready: 
oil, cornmeal, and fresh okra from our neighbor's garden

Slice okra, soak in one beaten egg

Mix soaked okra in cornmeal

Fry in oil until golden brown

Feed to unsuspecting Yankees.

There.  Now if my toenail polish matched my sandals, my t-shirt, and my earrings,
I'd really fit in down here.

Happy cooking, y'all!



Lisa A said...

Yum! I have a little bit of okra left in the fridge. May be frying it up in a pan tomorrow! Love the photos!

Heather said...

Thanks :) I did use the new editor - it was a LOT easier to work with multiple photos, but the alignment messed up once and I couldn't fix it. We'll see if they get the bugs worked out. . . .Kathryn was LAUGHING at me taking all these pictures!