Friday, August 14, 2009

The Law of Averages

A new math problem for my kids:

If Mommy makes a huge to-do list on Thursday, and accomplishes approximately 12 long-neglected tasks. . . . . . .

And on Friday, she is barely able to get her teeth brushed. . . . . . . . .

What is the average number of tasks completed?

And, given that information, make a prediction: how many items will Mommy be able to cross off her to-do list tomorrow?

Assuming, that is, that Mommy even makes a to-do list.


Anna said...

I'm curious what you did;) I do want you to know that I *finally* painted the playroom, after talking about how badly it needed it, for only *5* years;) I threw in the basement stairwell for no extra charge.

yhenriques said...

You go, Anna!

I would have helped you, if I hadn't been so productive today :) A little Foundations work (see website), a little laundry, a little lasagna (yum!) and a little (no, a lot!) of school scheduling.

See you in the a.m., Lord willing!