Tuesday, August 4, 2009

How I Spent my Summer Vacation, Part Two

My famous last words. . . . ."Honey, let's just do the master bathroom, too!"

I'm glad we did it, but maybe I should have chosen another time other than Sunday morning to make that pronouncement. Especially when Yurii had to leave for TN in less than 24 hours.

At any rate. . . . .

I don't have any "before" pictures, but picture it dark green. Very. Dark. Green.

The picture directly above is our "tub room". Other than the new beige paint, we laid the nice vinyl tiles over the ugly yellow vinyl. It really did brighten it up and make it larger.

The "Sink Room" was another story all together. Once I painted the walls beige - well - WOW! was that vanity suddenly G-R-E-E-N! I had to get some creative staging going. . . once I got a curtain at Old Time Pottery ($4.99 thank-you-very-much), I was on my way. The best part - and I'm afraid you can't see it all that well - was when I took down our silver/brass light fixture and spray-painted it textured white. Now THAT was fun! Add a smaller (free!!!) mirror from the Speers family (thanks, guys!) and a frame from Hobby Lobby (50% off), and that's about all the mileage I could get out of it.

To really do it right, we really needed to rip out the vanity, install a new one, and then rip up the carpet and extend the vinyl into the "sink room". . . .

But my kids gotta eat. And we have to start school next week. Details, details.

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Jen in Al said...

Beautiful!!! you guys did great! love and blessings, jen in al