Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Last Days of Summer

Just returned from a quick trip to Indiana - primarily to visit with Audra, Bimi, and Mo, in from Nigeria - but also to see Grandma (who's not been well) and enjoy one last bit of summer. Some of my favorite pictures. . . . .

At the Indianapolis Children's Museum, Bimi & Amy just loved the dinosaur area! Bimi (the dinosaur) and Amy (the nonnern, her imaginary creature) growled and growled at each other. Hilarious!

Great Grandmother Dorothy Ward (age 90) meets Atticus "Mo" Geronimo Prewitt, her youngest great-grandchild, 10 months old. We had a cookout at her house Wednesday night - roasted hot dogs & marshmallows over a fire on the farm.

Here's a picture of the whole gang on the farm. Do you know how hard it is to get 7 children to smile at one time? (Pay no attention to the woman behind Bimi! It was the only way we could get him in the picture!)

Of course, nothing says "summer" like swimming in the lake. After last trip, where Amy (age 4.5) would barely get in the water, I nervously agreed to let Bimi (age 3) swim with the kids. Ha! I shouldn't have worried! After about 2 minutes, the boy was jumping in the water like a kamikaze pilot.

Grampy and Mo, Mo and Grampy. What more is there to say? From day one, Mom said that Mo went to Grampy - reached out for him and would cry for him. Cute as the dickens, that little boy.

(Ok, for those of you who are cranky that your picture is not here - hint, hint - I've got to head out for the morning and Blogger is uploading slowly. I'll add more later, I promise!)

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