Saturday, August 22, 2009

Faculty Meeting, Homeschool Style

I've been to my share of faculty meetings, back-in-the-day.

You know the drill - after school, the teachers are exhausted and want to get home, principal's going through an agenda that seems to have nothing to do with day-to-day teaching (if you're reading this, sorry, Mom!), and if you're lucky, someone brought a goodie to share.

Well, I attended a great faculty meeting today.

(hand raising from the back row of blogdom)

"Um, excuse me? Don't you. . . um. . . .homeschool?"

Heh. My principal (read: Yurii) gave me the entire day to hang out here:

Coffee-o-logy, the uber-cool coffee shop in the world's best public library.

OK, that last part's debatable. But the coffee shop is uber-cool. If only I drank coffee. (The pannini was amazing.)

Four lovely hours, no interruptions (other than lunch and starting Jane Eyre), and a pretty decent wireless connection. Finished planning schedules, and was able to organize and input about 3 months worth of assignments.


May I recommend a back-to-school faculty meeting to all my friends?

(and getting called into the principal's office isn't so bad, either! Thanks honey - I love you!)

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