Saturday, March 5, 2011

Science Center Therapy

After our incredibly difficult Thursday, the kids and I headed to McWane Science Center for a field trip on Friday morning.

 You know, us and about 500 of our closest public school friends.

Have I mentioned that I hate crowds?


We stayed for about two hours, blew off some steam, and made some sweet memories.  Here are some pictures to enjoy!
Playing with light - all four of them!

Amy brought her puppies with her EVERYWHERE.  They were especially appropriate in the dog house!

This adorable girl on the left made fast friends with Amy, as only kindergarteners can do.  They held hands and played together for quite a long time.  Precious.

McWane entertains them all!  From the littlest to one of the biggest.

Final group project - building the arch.

Mission Accomplished!

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