Friday, March 4, 2011

Whatever. . . . . .

Dearest friends and faithful readers (all two of you!)

It's been a tough, tough week.

Details I won't go into now but - well - it's been tough.

But the Lord is so faithful to direct my steps - and this morning, He directed my steps here to this blog.

Would you go read it, please?  I promise you won't be disappointed.

Whatever God wants - that is all for me.

More later - thanks for your friendship and love.

Edited to add:  Anna recommended you specifically read this post.  It's amazing.  Go read that one, too.
 Thanks, Anna!


M. Ann said...

Isn't what the Lord doing through her amazing??? I found Katie when we began our adoption journey. But I read her blog because how she lives her life and demonstrates her faith humbles me.

I'm guessing more is going on with you than I know. I'm sorry. Praying for you, girl!

Anna said...

Anyone at all interested in Katie's life should read the post that was published on 2/11/10. You will not be disappointed.