Monday, March 7, 2011

Amy Goes Bananas!!!!

For Christmas, Amy got a cookbook entitled. . . . . .

Wait for it. . . . .  .

"Go Bananas"
Amy and her very own cookbook!
Cute, ain't she?

This past Saturday, she spent about an hour (no kidding) reading the cookbook.  All of it.  And she excitedly informed me there was a recipe called "Caramel Banana Milkshake".  Excited, because her new little Beanie Baby puppy has been named, "Caramel".  Thus the desire to have a snack with the same name as her stuffed animal.

Never mind that she doesn't really like the flavor caramel.

Never mind that really she's not even crazy about bananas.

Never mind that she has entirely too many Beanie Babies.  (I think that's another post)

I'm a sucker for a kid who wants to create in the kitchen.  So off I trot to the store, and here is the result.  Presenting. . . . . . . . .

Banana Caramel Milkshake Smoothie

Step One:  Read the cookbook. Always helps.
Step Two:  Slice and freeze two bananas.  Once frozen, put the in a blender.

Step Three:  Add two cups of Hagen-Daas Dulce du Caramel Ice Cream.
If you can look as cute as Amy does, you get bonus points.

Ignore the comments from your husband when he says, 
"Hagen-Daas??  She gets Hagen-Daas?"
Step Three Point Five: add 1 tsp. of vanilla, and about 1 cup of milk.

Step Four:  Prepare to hit the "Smoothie" button on the blender.
Again, bonus points for looking cute.
Step Five:  Step away from the blender and cover your ears.
Step Six:  Sip your creation.  Bendy straw optional.
Step Seven:  Vote on the taste!

Step Eight (not pictured):  Take one sip of the smoothie, leave the cup on the counter, untouched, until Mommy finds it the next day.  

I think I need to find that Beanie Baby she has that's named "Chocolate".

Yeah, that's the ticket. . . . . . . .


Hannah-Katherine said...

Hahahaha Best post ever!! =D

Kathryn said...

"I do NOT have too many beanie babies!"

Gracie said...

She is so funny! Makes me laugh often!

The shakes sounds yummy too.

M. Ann said...

Why does she look so grown up in these pics???!!! STOP!!!