Monday, June 7, 2010

Only on Vacation. . . .

Thanks in large part to the Giant Polar Pop my Dad bought me at 9 p.m. tonight, I'm up late here at the lake while the entire house is asleep.  I'm going to pay for this in the morning, I know, but thought I'd use my time productively with a few snapshots of vacation so far.  If I'd remembered to pack my camera cord, this post would be a lot more entertaining, but here goes. . . . . . .

Memorable Moment #1:  The Traffic

In all our years of travel to and from Indiana, this was by far the worst.  We were stopped - a dead stop - just south of Horse Cave, Kentucky (Google it, people!) due to an accident on I-65.  One hour and ten minutes later, traffic started moving.  While we did praise God that a) we were not actually IN the accident and b) that we had 3/4 a tank of gas, it was c) not fun at. all. and d) even more not. fun. when the driver (that would be me) had just had a large caffeinated beverage and really needed a ladies' room even before the traffic stopped.  One mile short.  Of the exit.

Memorable Moment #2:  The Cousins' Yard Sale

Thanks to the magic of facebook (love it or hate it - it's still magic, I say!), my Dad & I headed down to my cousins' yard sale on Saturday, where the following exchange occurred:

Amy:  "Mom! I found this kitty!"  (holding large, stuffed, kitty that we most CERTAINLY do not need)
Cousin Jessica:  "You know, today we have a special going on.  Kitties are free to little girls named Amy."
Amy:  (eyes suddenly big and round)  "MOM!  MY name is Amy!!!"  Grin.

We came home with 3 yo-yos, some scissors, and a large, stuffed kitty.  That we certainly did not need.  But you know?  It was vacation.

Memorable Moment #3:  The Dance Recital

You know, in all my years as a "ballet mom", I've never sat through someone else's kids' recital???

And now I have.  Maddie was beautiful.

And I would just like to say - 

Thank you to all of you - near and far - who have sat through my girls' recitals.  Really.  I get it now.

Thank you.

Memorable Moment #4:  The Graduation Party

My cousin's son graduated from high school.   For so many years, we've not been around for family events - it was fun to be there for this one!  I'm not sure my two younger girls realized that it was a graduation party - to them, it was an excuse to bounce in an inflatable bouncy-house.

But congratulations to Jared!  

And the cake was delicious ;-)

Memorable Moment #5:  Today

It was the ONLY day predicted to have decent weather.  

We swam at the beach, which was mostly deserted and wonderful!  But may I recommend that if you ever use spray-on suntan lotion, you actually rub it around?  The top of my legs look like a white milk splatter on a red sunburn.  (And no, I will NOT be posting a picture of this, even if I DO find my camera cord!)

Then we tubed.  I did not take pictures, because I have about 7 years of pictures of various children on an inner tube being pulled around the lake.  Again, lake to ourselves.  Psyche!!!

Down to Grandma's for dinner.  So good to see her, and spend a little time as a "diversion" for my Mom.  
Again, Mom, the cake was delicious ;-)

Visit after dinner with my Uncle and Aunt.  Their farm is crawling with stinky hunting dogs, cantakerous cats, and lots of good childhood memories.  

So there.  Probably the. most. boring blog post ever.  

I promise to get more interesting tomorrow.

Or not.

I'm on vacation!

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