Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Contrast and Conviction

I had an interesting experience this morning. . . .

I had to bring a forgotten item this morning to church, where many summer camps and programs are in progress.  When I went to drop the bags off outside the classroom, I noticed the room was rather quiet.  Figuring they had just left to gather their campers, I peeked in - and was awed and humbled and convicted as I saw the worshipful attitude of a room full of teenagers, pouring their hearts out to God in prayer.

Realizing I couldn't interrupt their time, I walked down the hallway to find my oldest, and let her know the wayward crafts had arrived.  As I approached another classroom down another hallway, I heard a strange "snapping" sound.  Walking past, I realized that this was a different group of teenagers, warming up for their day of helping summer campers by playing some sort of game.

The contrast was stunning.  As was the conviction that immediately followed.

How often do I spend my morning preparing for my ministry by truly, wholeheartedly, passionately worshiping God? 

How much more often do I spend my morning preparing for another day of "events", with the spiritual equivalent of playing a "game" with my personal relationship with the most Holy God?

I have much to repent of, indeed.

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