Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Midnight Musings

(ok, so I've been a little out-of-pocket this week! it's been a doozy. . . .)

Happiness is. . . . . . . .

rolling the last coat of paint on the wall just as the very. last. drop. is used up.

time alone to think and pray. Even if it is late at night. And I'm covered in latex paint.

my dear friend's hubby coming to our rescue, joyfully so, in the midst of their own struggles.

Yurii being back in music after a long, long absence.

Kathryn running the show today, while Mom was beyond preoccupied with remodeling.

The prospect of lunch at Panera bread tomorrow.

Nathaniel's excitement over his very first Boy Scout meeting.

and last but not least. . . . . . .


(well, mostly. Except for a little caulk and trim. But I'm tired! Pictures tomorrow. . . . )

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