Saturday, April 2, 2011

March Madness Hits Home

I love March Madness.

From that crazy first year that Yurii & I were married, when we drove around in the old jeep listening to UConn basketball on the radio, through March of 1999 when we dressed little Emily up in a UConn t-shirt and cheered as the men AND women won national championships.  Onward and upward into the 2000s, cheering as they advanced, frustrated when UConn was knocked out.  Enjoying it all - the women and the men and basketball.  Joyous, fast, crazy, fun basketball.

Then to move South. . . .basketball?  What basketball??  Sigh.

So I find myself sitting up tonight, streaming the Final Four and cheering on my favorite teams - one from Indiana, and one from good ol' CT.

And then they both win.

And will play each other on Monday night.

What's a girl to do???

At least, no matter who wins on Monday night, I've got a dog in the fight.

Hardy har har.

Better go to bed now :)


Kelli said...

I don't have a dog in the fight but I'm rooting for Butler. My hubby thinks I'm crazy. We'll have to wait and see :)

Nancy said...

UCONN, baby!