Tuesday, November 30, 2010

"Hey Mama, Where's Baby Jesus?"

Good question.

See, we have this tradition - I hide the Baby Jesus figures out of our nativities.  Then, on Christmas morning, part of our morning "festivities" includes finding the 4 or 5 Baby Jesus figures that I've hidden throughout the house.


I can't find them.

See, last year I put them somewhere really, really safe. 

So safe, I can't find them. 


Anyone up for a game of, "Find the Baby Jesus", about 26 days early?


Nancy said...

Our baby Jesus went missing a few years ago...He was lost in the wrapping at the bottom of one of the Christmas boxes. He was gone for 2 years and then we found Him again.

I hope you can find them...

I need to call you and catch up again...

Heather said...

I remember that, Nancy!

And to the last thing - yes, I was just thinking that today ;)