Friday, August 24, 2012

How NOT to start a school year

And in the category for, "Strangest start to a school year. . . .EVER" - the envelope please. . . . . .

August 2012!!! 

*Speech! Speech!*

"Ahem.  Ladies and Gentlemen, Members of the Academy, Fans and Blog Readers Everywhere,

I would like to present you with a quick look at the insanity that has been,

The Start of the School Year.

We head down to Florida to hang with the sister-in-law and The Monkey Nephews.  Cool cats, those two.  Influenced by the Olympics, here's Monkey #1 with Amy, creating their own Hermit Crab Olympics:
Heading back home, I have a slight cough.  No problem, thinks I.  I get something every year, around this time.  I'll fight it off.


We arrive home, and prepare to start school.  Apparently we needed a hands-on study of Noah and the Ark, because that week our basement was SATURATED with water from a huge, southern deluge (think 2 inches of rain in 45 minutes.  Yeah.  Fun.)

Thus, all school books and such move upstairs.  Here's The Boy at my "desk":

No to be daunted, we have our "Orientation Day" (more on that, later), complete with donuts and other sundry festivities:
SO hard to get a decent picture of a teenage boy!
Filling out "First Day Questionnaires"
The sprinkles.  Always the sprinkles.
Ready to start school on Monday, we are.
Yes, they're mine.  Even the dog.
I wake up Monday, still sick.  Force my way through the week - some school at the table, some on the sofa.  Head to the dr., get some drugs, rest and try to get over it.

No such doing. Celebrate the boy's 16th birthday on Sunday, go to the doctor. More drugs.

Bad drug reaction or interaction. Pretty much thought I was going to DIE on Monday.  Pretty glad I didn't.

So - yes.  I've been flat on my back, on the sofa, all week.  Still exhausted, but SO ready to feel better.  I think I "may" be on the mend.  The downstairs is finally - TONIGHT - all dry and ready to be restored to its original state.

Through it all, I've realized a few things:

1.  It really stinks being sick. I have a great appreciation for moms who homeschool - or even function - with a serious, chronic illness.

2.  My parents rock.  They came up on Tuesday, and have stayed the whole week.  Cleaned, helped with kids, fixed things - just amazing.

3.  The Body of Christ is wonderful.  We had calls, emails, meals sent.  And prayers.  What a blessing.

4.  Bones is a really, really cool tv show.  I'm finished with Season 3.  Yes, I've watched all of them.  It's my - ahem - forced resting plan.

5.  My husband is my hero.  He's nursed me, worried about me, taken care of the basement, and worked full-time.  It's been 21 years - I can't believe how much I need him.

 So.  I'm watching Bones resting and getting ready to resume somewhat normal activities next week.

Except that there's a hurricane coming.

Welcome back to school!

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