Tuesday, September 27, 2011

You Know the Drill: When it Rains. . .

. . . .it pours!

Blog's been quiet lately.  I really have about 6 great posts in draft form, and another 4 or 5 kicking around in the old noggin.  But in the past 2 weeks we've been hit with. . . .

. . . . . recovering from my sliced finger (which my mother knows about)
. . . . . celebrating 1 birthday for a 19-year old
. . . . . hosting a sweet couple for dinner
. . . . . pulling off some surprises for my Dad's milestone birthday
. . . . . navigating the fun, fun, fun world of dr's appointments, follow-ups, consults and insurance for aforementioned 19-year old
. . . . . someone (who shall remain nameless) puncturing her palm with a knife, requiring stitches (which my mother ALSO knows about)
. . . . . celebrating 2 birthdays for the Birthday Sisters
. . . . . and hosting 1 science party for the youngest Birthday Sister (which causes her Mommy to remember why, exactly she gave up hosting birthday parties a few years ago)

When the school year started, I said I could manage my schedule if no one got sick, or nothing major happened.


Ha ha.

Ha ha ha.

Maybe I'll blog while eldest is in surgery on Wednesday.  (Thanks for praying)

Or maybe I'll play Bejewelled.  It's addictive.  (Which my Dad knows about.  It's his evil plot to get us all addicted to that game.  It's working.)

Or maybe I'll nap.

But I'll definitely stay away from sharp objects.  (Which is my evil plot to get banned from the kitchen.  It's working.)

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