Monday, February 7, 2011

Anyone Want an Update?

First, I can't thank all my friends enough for their prayers.  Really.

What we prayed for was that Kathryn would represent herself well, and not leave with any regrets.  That she would do her best, and we could leave the results up to God.

Your prayers were answered. 

When I asked Kathryn what she learned over the weekend, she replied, "I learned that I love doing interviews!"  How crazy is that?!

So, some quick highlights:

First, on the University Fellows program. Yurii & I met with the professor who is in charge of the business portion of the program.  She not only remembered Kathryn, but stated she was very impressed by her application and asked that we make a point to bring her to meet her on Saturday evening.

Second, on the Scholarship portion.  Suffice it to say that when Kat answered "James Madison" to the "Which leader do you admire, and what lessons have you learned from his/her life?" question, and when the interviewer is a pharmacy professor who happens to be a history buff?  Score.

Third, on Samford in general.  We came away favorably impressed.  Kathryn admitted she really, really would like to go there.


We realize that the Lord may have other plans for her life.  And we're trusting that should He NOT provide the needed funds to attend Samford. . . . . . .

That means that for Kathryn and our family, attending there would be a "stone" in her life, not the bread that we all desire for her.

So there you have it!  Stay tuned - we'll know more information by the 20th, I think.

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