Thursday, September 30, 2010

What's Underneath

Just got in from what was *ostensibly* an "Educator's Night" at McWane Science Center, with four friends.  You know - offer door prizes, free food, and an iMax movie, and the teachers come en masse.  That kind of Educator's Night.

So after suffering through processed lunchmeat and chips (the free food), not winning any door prizes (oh, well- the free house cleaning would have been nice!), and deciding that we were starving and didn't really want to stay for the iMax, one of our hip-and-trendy friends we all decided to hit a happening, hip, and posh area of town for some appetizers.

In we go - giddy from a night of laughter and camaraderie - and request a table on the patio.  We settle in, place our order.

I'm definitely out of my element here.  Looking at the slim & trim, perfectly coiffed and highlighted 'do's, trendy outfits.  Everyone "has their game on", as they say.  It's all so - glitzed.  Perfect.  Very southern.  Very wealthy.  Very "in crowd".  I feel like an 8th grader with bad acne and glasses.

Annie notices them first.

At her feet, there are a host of slugs, crawling on the cement flower boxes.  After some deliberation, we decide to just ignore them.

I'm next.  Looking down, about halfway through our munchies, a Big. Juicy. Cockroach. crawls across the patio.  Right. Under. Our. Table.


I didn't say anything - no one else noticed.  (OK, so I told everyone later.  They would have screamed if I had told them while we were eating.  I knew it.)

But it struck me.  Here, in Perfect Land - bugs.  Icky, creepy, nasty bugs.  Right underneath our feet.   Seems like a lesson to me somewhere.  You think?

(Oh, and E, P, A, and L.. . . . .THANKS for a very, very fun night!  I love y'all!)
(How's that for southern?  ;-) 

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atara said...

Yes, things aren't always what they seem.