Friday, September 24, 2010

:chirping crickets:

That's the only sound I hear right now.

The Two. Certain. Someones who were whispering until waaaaaaay too late have finally quieted.

There are 6 Boy Scouts and 2 Dads asleep (I think) in tents in our yard.

An almost 6-year old is asleep in my bed, a consolation prize on the Eve of the Birthday.

One who is full of college-applying, ballet-dancing to-do lists has shut down for the night, and the One who would stay up until midnight reading has closed the chapter and shut off the book light.

It's quiet.

Like this blog.

I've got about 20 posts written in my head - there have been yummy Crock Pot meals, several birthdays and memorable moments - but somehow, at night, I'm spent.  We're in a busy season.  That's what I get for having 4 kids born between August 18th and September 25th, eh?

Tomorrow we ramp up again, with breakfasts, and driving, and parties, and celebrations, and sleepovers, and more celebrations, and orchestras. 

It's a joyfully, stressfully, happily full life. 

And right now. . . . . . . it's quiet.

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