Friday, July 30, 2010

It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over. . . . .

and it ain't over yet!

Yes, folks, the Year of the Camps is in full swing around these parts.  This week was a double-whammy:  Colonial History and Film-making.

 Emily did a terrific job with the Colonial History camp - her first ever!  Here she is in her dress - she and Hannah helped me make their period dresses.

She planned activities using "Colonial History Pockets", and really had a nice mix of crafts, learning, snacks, watching some videos, and of course - playing games!

Even more special - one of the young ladies attending celebrated her actual birthday with us - Colonial Style! 

One of the moms made an interesting comment - her daughter just enjoyed playing games.   Marbles, hoop rolling, dancing, catch a ball in the cone, no-electronics-needed games.  It was such a joy to watch them being - girls.

Happy, joyful, girls.

Our afternoons were consumed by - well - electronics definitely needed Filmmaking Camp!

13 students planned, wrote, acted in, and produced two short films - "Blamed" and "Time Machine".  It was a huge undertaking, and despite the minor technical difficulties and  a few logistical issues, a good time was had by all.  Kathryn & Nathaniel were a good team - and now have to spend the weekend burning DVDs and mailing them out to the campers!

We learned a few important lessons this week:

Lesson #1 - It is NOT a good idea to plan a double-camp session beginning the day after you return from vacation.

Lesson #2 - Mom is never again allowed to get sick during camp week.

And now - onwards and upwards - to Ballet Camp #2!

(ETA:  OK, I have GOT to do something about the format of my blog!  I really thought the words would line up with the pictures better . . . .bleh.  Sorry about that!)

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Jessica said...

Way to go Mrs. H!!! I wondered how Filmmaking camp would go with you sick and just home from vacation, but I had NO idea you also had colonial camp!!!

WOW! Jess