Friday, February 5, 2010

I Have an Issue with Spices

No. Seriously.

Those long-time readers of my blog (all two of you!!) may remember this post, where I detailed my fatal substitution of cumin for cinnamon in a breakfast dish.

So tonight, I'm making two different dinners - lasagna, and a yummy recipe called Havana Hash - to keep in the fridge/freezer for the weekend. (Don't go getting all impressed with me - this is a RARE thing.)

The Havana Hash needs cumin.

I put it in the lasagna.


So when you hear Emily saying, "Mom, why does this lasagna taste like CHILI?"

You'll know the ugly truth.

I have an issue with spices.

(Note to Kathryn, who is probably reading this post.  Maybe if we don't say anything, no one will notice???  
Yeah. I forgot.  Tried that with the famous oatmeal incident, didn't I?)


Kathryn said...

Mum's the word.

Kathryn said...

Oh, and btw for anyone reading the comments– it was actually really, really, REALLY yummy lasagna!

Heather said...

Maybe I should make that mistake all the time, eh??? :P Thanks, kiddo!

Anonymous said...

Ha-ha!! I put cumin in my French toast once instead of cinnamon. Fortunately I realized it before feeding my kiddos.