Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool's On. . . . . ME!

I should have seen this one coming.

After a difficult decision made and accepted*, and a relaxing, wonderful beach trip with dear family, I was ready. "April," thought I, "do your worst."

Pride goeth before a fool. An April fool.

Last night, upon arriving home, I opened my email. Email #1: "Heather, where is the worksheet you usually post for science on Tuesday? It's not online!" Urgh. Forgot.

Then I open the next email, "Heather, what time is the field trip in the morning?" Field trip. Field trip? FIELD TRIP?!!!??? Oh, yeah. The field trip at 9 in the morning, with 50 homeschoolers, that I'm in charge of AND COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT. Nice.

Emails sent, Apologies offered, Arrangements made. I'm golden.

April 1st dawns bright and cheery. Except for my girls, who would rather stay in bed than go on a field trip. Oh, well. We scrounge breakfast and head out. The docent at the Botanical Gardens is lovely, but a sub. She makes do quite nicely, and after the tour/trip I head to the library there to check out some books and teaching props for my plant lessons.

"Your library card has expired." Of COURSE it has. Paperwork, process, $50 lighter (we pay an out-of-county fee for using our WONDERFUL library), we're now 30 minutes late. Hannah has a piano lesson at 12:45. . . .squeal through the drive-thru, grab a bite, run home. She practices for 9 minutes, we zoom out for the lesson, arriving only 3 minutes late. "Not bad," I think, and start claiming victory over April. . . . .

No piano teacher. 15 minutes later? No piano teacher. Phone rings. She took an unexpected trip to Florida and forgot to tell me. Of COURSE she did. Alrighty then. Back home it is. (Hannah celebrating all the way ;) )

Home with 45 minutes to spare before the real estate appraiser shows up. Clean, tidy, scurry, hurry. . . . we finish as he pulls up to the front door. (Because, doncha know, a clean house adds at least $10K to the value. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.) Let him in, answer a few questions. Check.

Time to call the mechanic. No, the car won't be ready on time. Of COURSE it won't. But I'm welcome to come and sit. Use Kathryn's car, run Hannah up to ballet. Back and forth on the phone, arranging costume fittings and discussing rides home with the neighbor.

Home for 15 minutes. On her way to teach ballet, Kat drops me at the shop. (Local peeps: Christian Brothers Automotive in Hoover. Love. Love.) Find out they received the wrong brake pads. Of COURSE they did. Hang out for a little over an hour. (Side benefit; had a great visit with the shop owner, who is a friend. Awesome.) Get car, head to Wal-Mart for a few emergency groceries and sodas for tonight's Scout Event.

Home for 10 minutes. Nathaniel in the car, take him to Scouts. Return home, throw the younger 2 girls in the car. Take them to meet Yurii at Scouts. Realize . . . . I forgot the sodas. Of COURSE I did.

At this point, I'm pretty thankful that tonight's event is only 3 miles from home. Return home, grab the soda. Head to church, grab Emily from ballet, return to Scout Event. With the infamous 2-liters in hand.

I'm home. About to type up my science worksheets. And you know what?

I may just let them spend 45 minutes launching balloons tomorrow.

Because if this is what the rest of April looks like?

I'm in for a doozy. Of COURSE I am ;)

*more on this one, later!


Mitzi Howard said...

Love it. Lived it - more than once. Praying blessings on you dear friend and sis in Christ.

Anonymous said...

That makes me tired! Wow, what a day!!