Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Sentiments: On Friendship

This will not be a picture-heavy post. It won't show up on Pinterest, or Facebook, or Twitter.

But it's written - better, engraved - upon my heart.

We have spent today in the company of some dear friends. Twice in about 6 weeks, if truth be told. Laughing, breaking bread, talking of things random and then important.

And today, I'm struck by how important relationships are. True, deep, meaningful relationships where you can know and be known. Where you can talk about issues close to your heart without fear of judgment or condemnation, but with encouragement that points you to God's Word and your relationship with Christ.

May you all have friendships such as we have been blessed with. And may you all take whatever steps are necessary in your life to nuture and deepen those friendships.

A restful Sunday evening to you all.

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