Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thankful Doesn't Even Touch This One. . . .

Starting January 7th, my wonderful, patient, talented husband will be employed.



With benefits.

Teaching music.

It's been 5 1/2 years since he's been a full-time teacher.  Our youngest daughter doesn't even remember a time when Daddy taught school.

To say we are grateful to the Lord doesn't even scratch the surface.

There's more - so much more - but for now.

Praise be to God!!!!


The Cains said...

Oh Heather!!!!!! It's a Christmas miracle! ;o)

Seriously, I'm so thrilled for you guys! So completely thrilled!!! And even happier that its in Birmingham..... and even right by me! Maybe you guys should move this way!! :o)

Hugs, Friend.

Karen Baken said...

Heather I am enjoying reading your blogs. They bring a smile to my face.

A hug is sent from Boston from an old friend. :)

Sarah L said...

I've been thinking of you guys often, and I'm so happy to hear this! :)

Melissa N. in Austin said...

Congratulations! Your patience and faith has come to fruition. What a wonderful thing!