Monday, March 12, 2012

Super Tuesday in the South - or - Guess Who's Coming to Church?

Yeah.  This guy.

Still trying to sort out how I feel about the whole thing - I mean, really?  It felt - I dunno - cheap or something.

Like his handlers said to him, "Where can I find the most Republican voters on a Sunday morning who are wealthy?"  And he came to our church.

I could have been fine with the whole, "Ya know, maybe he just needed a place to worship." Idea.

But then - driving down the hill - there they were.

Signs.  Political signs.

Not on the church property, but on the road leading to church property.

LOTS of them.

That turned it for me - at that point, I start thinking, "Or. . . . maybe he just was trying to shore up his base."

Sigh.  I hate thinking like that.  Politics makes me jaded.

But to Speaker Gingrich's credit - this was not an advertised campaign stop.  He didn't give a speech.  He was acknowledged at the very end of the service - our church recognizes public servants when they attend (which isn't often, but it does happen).

And - most importantly - I don't know his heart.  Can't claim to.  Hey, I don't even know my heart most of the time!  (see 2 Chronicles 6:30)  So I've decided to shelve my immediate negative reaction, and trust that God's purposes are mysterious, and His ways are good.

I think some of my reaction has to do with my own northern upbringing - where you would almost NEVER see a politician in a church.   But as my friend Laura posted on facebook today,
I'm certain that somewhere there has to be a law that reads, "All televised campaign ads in the proud state of Alabama must include clips of a church, a dog, and a rifle. A hymn or spiritual playing as background music is encouraged, but not required."
And a farm.  Apparently, all politicians in Alabama grew up on a farm.

I mean, seriously?  This was a vintage spot from 2 years ago.  This is not a spoof.  Really.

There is probably no point to this post.  Just my political ramblings.  Which make very little sense.

I'd better stick to recipes and homeschooling.  Safer territory.

But what I do know?  On Sunday, Speaker Gingrich and his 5 best friends (aka Secret Service) heard the gospel this past Sunday.  Preached loudly, clearly, and without fear of man.  For that, I am thankful.

Because really - it's all about keeping the main thing the main thing.

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M. Ann said...

"So I've decided to shelve my immediate negative reaction, and trust the God's purposes are mysterious, and His ways are good."

I've found this to be true in a lot of incidences in life lately and wishing I could do it more often. I think it's called resting. ;)