Saturday, July 2, 2011

Blog Vacation - Kind Of

I know I've promised you, my dear loyal readers, a peek into Tapestry of Grace's wonderful curriculum.

But I've vowed to put all homeschooling thoughts away from me - far, far away - for these few precious days of vacation.   As Monty Python famously said:

"And Now for Something Completely Different!"

Vacation pictures.

Just a few of my favorites.  That's all.  Enjoy!  I sure am. . . . . .

Amy & her Dad at the beach

Sisters hanging together

Kat was pressed into service reading - and gathered a crowd around her

Emily's passion - sorting shells

Cute nephew action!

Drawing in the sand, looking for hermit crabs

Sweet Mo brings Auntie Heather a present - a Tar Ball!!!!

My favorite shot so far :)

(And don't worry, I'll be back to my regularly scheduled, witty, interesting homeschool blogging. . . . . . . soon.)

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