Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday's Sentiments

Sometimes we get in a rut.

Tonight, our family greatly enjoyed leaping out of our Presbyterian-Reformed tradition and worshiping at a Freewill Baptist church.  Even their hymnals had shape notes in them!

The real reason we attended though was to hear one of our new favorite artists, Nathan Clark George.  Sings and writes poignant lyrics, refreshing and real.  One he sang tonight brought me to tears - about the way we can crush our children's spirits with just a few words.

He preached and sang, and preached and sang, and preached and sang some more.

Powerful stuff, the Word of God.  Spoken or sung, it cuts like a knife and quickens my heart to follow harder after Him, the One from Whom grace & mercy pour abundantly.

Thanks for pointing me to the Savior tonight, Nathan.

(Oh, and his wife's pretty amazing, too!  Wish we lived next door. . . . . . Yurii's starting to toy with the idea of moving into an RV for a while. . . . . .)

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