Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Now that's MY kind of Easter Egg Hunt!

 For all my homeschooling friends. . . . . . . (ok, if you're not homeschooling, you might like this, too!)

Tonight I was JUST about to head to bed when I stumbled upon a mention of an "Easter Egg Hunt" on a neat curriculum website:  CurrClick.

They're having a spring "contest" - find the mystery Easter Eggs on their website, and when you click on the egg, you are rewarded with a free, downloadable pdf e-book on a whole variety of subjects - one of them is even for Miquon Math's Orange book!  There are e-book of stories, a unit study on the Human Body (Hannah's going to LOVE that one), Easter devotional ideas and crafts, early learning. . . . . .you get the idea.  I think I found 14 of them!

Great, bargain-hunting fun!  Plus, as an added benefit, I've discovered a nifty new website.

Because, you know, I need to spend MORE time on the internet.  Yeah.  That's the ticket.

Go over and check it out!

(If you're lazy, like me, a sweet Mama on The Well-Trained Mind Forum listed out where all the Easter Eggs are. . . . . . . . . but feel free to have fun finding them all yourself!)

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