Friday, December 4, 2009

I Think I'm In Love

In the past 5 days, my beloved has:

•  made me breakfast in bed
•  made 3 dinners
•  reassigned chores to children
•  taught children how to thoroughly clean the bathroom
•  scrubbed my horrendous bathroom floors
•  designed a program for our Medieval Feast
•  given me space and time to do long-neglected chores
•  greeted me with smiles, hugs, and kisses
•  gutted and reorganized his closet
•  walked the dog in the dark, cold evening

. . . . . . . and a host of other things that I'm hardly aware of.

Do you think I'm glad he's home???


Athena said...

I think he's glad too. :-)

Melissa Sue said...

No wonder you're in love! :)