Friday, July 17, 2015

Dusting off the blog: For a Review!

It's true! I haven't posted in eons - but here's a review for you!

I’ve been wanting to sell some things on eBay, but really didn’t feel like dealing with the fees and the hassle. Tonight, as I was listing some books on Homeschool Classifieds ( I remembered that they have a sister site, called “AllSorta” ( Why AllSorta? It’s like homeschool classifieds, except for things other than curriculum!

It has some great features: listing is FREE! (Did I mention FREE? As in, NO FEES!) It works on mobile devices and on desktop platforms. Items are displayed in list format, so it’s easy to search for exactly what you need. Unlike eBay and Etsy, there are no high fees (wait, did I say that before???) AllSorta also bills itself as family-friendly, and there are certain items they just won’t allow to be listed.

So what did I list? A new shirt with tags, some games that we are not playing any more, notebooks, hobby electronic parts. We’ll see how the selling goes! I’m cautiously optimistic, that when I have random items for sale I won’t have to deal with the fees of eBay, but can head to AllSorta for All Sorta things! (See what I did there?) Plus - check our their promotions if you are a Homeschool Classifieds member ;) See you on AllSorta!

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